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Some Must Watch While Some Must Sleep

In Development at Earthdance, August 2018


Taken from a years worth of sleeptalk recordings, Some Must Watch While Some Must Sleep imagines what would happen if your ‘waking self’ and ‘sleeping self’ met, conversed, and maybe even healed.

A chamber work for two performers and an iPhone, the piece is inspired by TedTalks and seances, inviting you to contemplate the dreaming world through the verbatim transcripts of a sleeptalker. 

Written and performed by Tanya Marquardt and Barra Levy-Mazie, in collaboration with Stephen O’Connell, Daniel Pettrow, Patrick Bella Gone, costume design by David B Smith, lighting design by Masha Tsimring, sound design by Omar Zubair. Presented as part of the 2017 Mabou Mines Artist Residency, the show will be developed at Earthdance in August 2018.


Upstart Festival
Feb 21, 2016

Flamboyan Theatre
Mabou Mines Year 1 Residency
(developed in collaboration with Ellie Heyman)
Jun 2–3, 2016                                               

The Tank
Apr 20-21, 2016

The Collapsable Hole
Mabou Mines Year 2 Residency             (developed in collaboration with Nicolas Norena & Emma Riviera)
July 22 & 23, 2017