Co-Presented by Chrysalis Theatre and Proximity Arts, February 13-18, 2009, Box Studios, Vancouver, BC



Transmission is the story of a late night talk radio host and his missing sister. Part live performance, part radio broadcast, the work incorporates text, movement and a live soundscape. From the dynamic of an intimate sibling relationship that is forever ruptured, the piece spirals out into the broader world, broader conflicts and broader loss.

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Transmission is about the wars that are fought within ourselves and far away. Unforgettable and haunting, it is a distilled family epic that powerfully demonstrates how we must live with the choices we make.

Written and conceived by Tanya Marquardt, co-created with David Bloom, Ilena Lee Cramer, Emma Hendrix, Ahmed Khalil, Heather Lindsay, Deanna Peters, Heidi Taylor, Andrew Templeton and Jeremy Waller.

Presented Feb 13–28, 2009 at Box Studios, Vancouver.

Co-presented by Chrysalis Theatre & Proximity Arts, with the generous support of The Canada Council for the Arts, The British Columbia Arts Council, Radix Theatre, Playwrights Theatre Centre, and Box Studios. 

Transmission is published in The Canadian Theatre Review.